To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections, and to reduce the associated morbidity and mortality in the developed and developing worlds through treatment, patient advocacy and assistance, and education.



World Health Clinicians (WHC) was founded in January, 2011. Thanks to our devoted donors, WHC has developed a Center of Excellence for general health, HIV and STIs, as well as a unique model of excellence in meeting the needs of the LGBTQ community. CIRCLE CARE Center (CCC) provides a vast array of services under one roof, including comprehensive medical care, HIV/AIDS and chronic Hepatitis specialty care. CCC’s on-site, URAC-accredited Specialty Pharmacy also offers patients a neighborhood pharmacy with a hometown feel and a warm, friendly staff. CCC also offers clinical research opportunities, specialized care for our transgender and cisgender communities, and many other unique and much-needed medical, psychosocial, nutritional, physical therapy, and surgical services. With CCC’s support for a model of “Unity in Community,” it has been possible for MFAP and Fairfield County’s LGBTQ center, Triangle Community Center (TCC), to operate together in beautiful offices in the World Health Clinicians Building located at 618 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT.

With 50,000 mostly young Americans contracting HIV annually, WHC  launched the HIV Equal Online Magazine to amplify the messaging about HIV testing through first-person narratives, news and current stories from around the world. www.HIVequal.org